FAQ about Acne

Don’t only kids that are dirty get acne?

No, acne has nothing to do with dirt. It is caused by follicles being blocked by dead skin cells and for other purely biological reasons. In fact, too much scrubbing can make the condition worse.

Does lots of sunshine help acne go away?

Sunshine can help to dry out excess skin oils and it does help to kill bacteria, resulting in a temporary improvement of the condition, however long term exposure to the sun is extremely dangerous to the skin. We are all aware of the dangers of UV and skin cancer, but it does not stop there. Too much exposure to the sun can actually stimulate the production of oils and increase the retention of dead skin cells, making the condition worse.

Will I out grow my Acne?

No. Acne is not just a puberty ‘teenage’ affliction, it can and does occur in people of all ages from infants to adults.

Does sweating clean out my skin pores?

No, we actually have two types of pores, sweat pores and oil pores. So when we sweat, the water comes out of pores that don’t need cleaning because they never became blocked with oil in the first place. Even if the sweat did somehow make its way to the oil clogged pores, sweat is basically just salty water, and have you ever tried to clean oil with water? It just makes the blockage worse.

Is Acne contagious?

No, acne is definitely not contagious. For any disease to be contagious, there needs to be an agent that carries the disease, and that agent needs to be passed from person to person. Many people think that acne is caused by bacteria and therefore has to be contagious, the mistake made here is that bacteria is not the cause of acne, it is merely a symptom, and even if the bacteria came into contact with another person, it is incapable of causing acne.

Does stress cause acne?

No, stress does not cause acne. For a long time, medical experts have disagreed over the exact role that stress plays in acne. Recent studies, although not conclusive, do seem to indicate that stress can worsen a pre-existing acne condition to some degree, but it does not cause acne to form in the first place.

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