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Non-Inflammatory acne presents itself as blackheads or whiteheads.

  1. Acne Whiteheads

    When the bacteria that have grown in the pore and the Sebum (oil) stay below the surface of the skin, you can usually see a small white spot, or Whitehead. These are often so small as to be indiscernible.

  2. Acne Blackheads

    Sometimes, the bacteria and Sebum can push though the surface of the skin. This exposes them to the air and they oxidize. This is what gives them their black color, hence Blackheads. This black spot cannot be wiped away and is not dirt. It can take a long time for the blackhead to go away naturally.

Left untreated, non-inflamed acne can progress to inflamed acne.

Inflammatory acne presents as pimples or cysts

  1. Pimples

    Pimples begin as Papules. A papule is a circumscribed, solid elevation of skin with no visible fluid, varying in size from a pinhead to 1 cm. They can be either; brown, purple, pink or red in color. The papules may open when scratched and become infected and crusty. This occurs when the wall of the follicle breaks, and white blood cells hurry to the break, inadvertently blocking the pore.

    A number of days later this forms a Pustule. A pustule is inflamed, and appears as a red circle with a white or yellow center. Pustules are your garden variety zit. This occurs when the white blood cells rise to the surface and become visible as a white bump.

  2. Cysts

    Sometime an inflamed lesion, any abnormality in the tissue of an organism (in layman's terms, "damage"), usually caused by disease or trauma, can rupture, causing inflammation of the surrounding skin and even nearby follicles. These lesions are called cysts.

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